R. do Diário de Notícias 6

1200-144 Lisboa

Back in 1995, the opening of Português Suave gave place to Café Suave, today named Suave Bar. The semantic parallelism bewteen "suave" (soft) and "frágil" (fragile) is evident, being this the oldest space in Bairro Alto still active with the remaining friendly spirit, inclusive and hedonist that caracterized Bairro Alto between the 80's and the first decade of the 2000's.

Nowadays it belongs to 2 studio creatives and DJs/music producers, Ka§par e DJ Kronic. The first, an eclectic reference of the local electronic scene; the second, one of the pioneers of the national Hip Hop culture. Suave consolidates the union between these two axles of the urban music and explores the musical roots of them both.

Beyond that, it's a space recognized for its comfort and positive atmosphere, for the quality of its visitors, the staff, the music that is presented alongnside the neat cocktails that are both tasty and affordable.