ELA is a Lisbon-based community organizing late night parties and underground art/music gatherings in different parts of Portugal, since 2015.

ELA comes from East Lisbon Afters, our underground electronic music gathering with secret location that turned the 90’s East movement into reality in Lisbon, contributing to a new identity for the local Electronic Music scene, to be recognized at an international level.

Since the very start, we strive for inclusiveness, togetherness and safety in our parties. Everybody is welcome as long as they get the vibe and fully understand and respect our crowd and our community.

The location of the parties is never announced publicly, and we always change place. From abandoned warehouses to the middle of the woods and completely new unknown spots around town – having a unique, cozy and mind-bending location is key for us.

We don’t have instagram or facebook page. Reach out to us at ola@elasite.org or subscribe our internal newsletter to receive the next parties and their locations in your email.

Underground culture with intimate atmosphere, deep vibes and a truthful approach to the scene.

art and music | east/ost movement | deep | togetherness | people | music | dance