House Mouse

Presenting: HOUSE MOUSE

a co-production
Inner Balance Recordings x ELA

House Mouse is a new party in Lisbon strictly (shamelessly) and plainly dedicated to House Music. We will bring some of the most renowned artists of the Underground House scene to the city to be seen and heard in different formats, from daytime outdoor weekenders to late night rave environments. The thing here is to dive deep into the music we love, to not take ourselves too seriously and to happily connect with the other fellow House Mice on the dancefloor.

A good House Mouse loves to sneak inside warehouses and other types of underground cozy spaces, and to wander around in sunny outdoor areas. House Mice also crave proper sound systems to freely swim in and clearly absorb the different elements in the music.

Another key feature of the project will be the set up. Some of the artists (and absolute legends) we will book have never played in Portugal, or have played a few times only in big venues, festivals and clubs. The goal here is to create an intimate experience slightly out of the clubbing limitations, and bring together a community of people who properly resonate with the vibes of togetherness and happiness. Music is the central factor.

House Mouse is the baby of Chez Damier‘s sub label Inner Balance Recordings (managed in Lisbon by Jorge Caiado) and us.

It will wrap up what mostly brings these 2 entities together: the love for Underground House Music.